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As a regional hub and largest town located between Horsham to the south and Mildura to the north, Hopetoun caters for a number of businesses and services in the area.

Hopetoun & District Neighbourhood House is the local information hub for all services within the region, and you’ll find a selection of them below. As a major meeting place for community groups; teaching environment from first aid to farming courses and tourist information hub, the team love visitors and being able to assist where they can.

Industries in the ‘Pipeline’

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline is a Victorian Government supported project which replaced 17,000 km of open water channel with 9,000 km of pipeline in the western Victorian regions of the Wimmera and Mallee. The completed project was launched in 2010.

Hopetoun is one of 36 towns and 6,000 rural properties serviced by the pipeline project, which will save 85 per cent of the water lost to seepage and evaporation in the past open channel system.

With this water savings comes many benefits to the environment and to landholders through the ability to reconfigure water reticulation on existing farms and possibly diversify into new enterprises.

The Department of Primary Industries has developed Information/ factsheets on four possible enterprises (beef feed lotting, intensive sheep finishing, poultry and pigs) suitable for Hopetoun and other towns on the pipeline.

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water can be contacted if anyone is interested in developing other Industries in our town as, at times, they may have what they call ‘growth water’ available for purchase. To get the fact sheet, click here.

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