Points of Interest

For more information on what to see and do in Hopetoun, please visit Hopetoun & District Neighbourhood House,75  Lascelles Street.

  • Hopetoun Opportunity Shop – browse the extensive collection put together by its volunteers and pick yourself up a bargain. keep an eye out throughout the town for the decorated bikes pointing you in the direction of the opportunity shop
  • Hopetoun House (private residence)
  • Dr Pete’s Park and mural
  • Pioneer Cemetery
  • Memorial Hall c.1923 – built to honour Hopetoun soldiers who went to World War 1 and now contains the WW1 and WW2 honour rolls
  • Drinking Fountain c.1929 – a memorial to Edward Harwood Lascelles, considered to be the father of the Mallee
  • Hopetoun Community Hotel c.1958 – the first cooperative hotel in Victoria, built after the Commercial Hotel was destroyed by fire a few years earlier
  • Pug house – residence of a station employee before 1890 (private residence)
  • Church of England c.1907
  • Baptist Church c.1922 – the last limestone building to be erected (private residence)
  • Site of limesTone house ‘Roseneath’ c. early 1890s for George Murdoch, surveyor and town planner, and demolished in the mid-1990s
  • Fountain – at the roundabout joining Lascelles and Austin streets lays the fountain, site of the town’s first water supply which was a large tank laid in 1891
  • The limestone shops in Lascelles street were built before 1905